The Feminist movement in the US began, innocently enough, in the 19th Century seeking equal rights with men such as the right to an education, right to vote, right to hold public office, etc. But once these basic rights have been attained, what is next?

Slowly but surely there has been a trend in feminism to abandon the role of woman as created by God to be a spouse and mother giving life to children not only physically but also spiritually. There arose in their minds the idea that they could do with their bodies what they pleased. Now if the child in her womb becomes inconvenient, she gets rid of it. She seeks to satisfy her motherly instinct by in vitro fertilization considering a man in her life a burden. Now she campaigns politically for the right to marry another woman which is contrary to her nature. A profession is preferred to raising a family. Slowly the family is being destroyed, deprived of the maternal element and guidance.

Feminists are now going ever further into the abyss of darkness, seeking to redefine the very nature of God. "The ultimate symbol of the patriarchy is a male God - the Father. In response, feminists at the National Council of Churches pushed through a unisex version of the Bible in which God is "our father and mother in heaven." And Jesus Christ is not the "Son of God," but the "child of God." (Website:Jeremiah Projest) The New Age feminist wish to return to natural religion called by various names Goddess worship, Wicca and witchcraft.

All of the above has taken many women far away from true femininity whose exulted exemplar is Mary which you see in Fra Ancelico painting the "Crowning of Mary" as queen of Heaven by her Son. He paints Mary kneeling whose facial expression and arms folded symbolized her humility, her total surrender to God. She remains forever, even in heaven the handmaid of the Lord. (Lk 1:38) She is the true woman remade in the image of God whose beauty and glory surpasses that of all humans and angels. A likeness to Mary feminist will never possess till their lives begin to conform to the will of God.


6. Ruth, the Faithful Woman