Peter Kreeft asks the question, "Is there sex in heaven?", Yes, he says, if you mean by sex masculinity and femininity because this is an aspect of our essential nature. No, if you mean sexual union because Christ tells us that we will live like the angels.

What does this mean for humans who are composed of body and soul?

"In the resurrection the body will return to perfect unity and harmony with the spirit. Man will no longer experience the opposition between what is spiritual and what is physical in him. Spiritualization means not only that the spirit will dominate the body, but, I would say, that it will fully permeate the body, and that the forces of the spirit will permeate the energies of the body." (Pope John Paul II, HOLY FATHER'S ADDRESS AT THE GENERAL AUDIENCE, 9 DECEMBER, 1981)

Woman's desire to be beautiful will be fully realized in such a way that she will delight in her glorious beauty of body and soul. St. Augustine tells us that the human body there will be such a rhythm poise, symmetry and beauty, not only externally but reaching down to the every organs, cells and molecules of the body. St. Augustine has in mind the the rhythm of relationships, the harmonia, as the Greeks would say, whereby the whole body, inside and out, can be looked upon as a kind of organ with a music all its own. Function will pass and the time will come when we shall delight solely in the unlibidionus contemplation of one anther's beauty, knowing that our joy will be giving glory to God the Creator of whom the Psalmist says: 'Bless the LORD, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name." (Ps 131:1). To put it simply, one of the joys of heaven will be the contemplation of the bodily beauty without unholy desires. (St. Augustine, City of God, Doubleday, NY, 1958, pp. 528-529)

Woman's heavenly beauty will not be enticing but a quiet beauty inspiring contemplation by her divine beauty. She will be a true reflection of God's eternal beauty who by her presence draws those who encounter her to glorify God's perfection, harmony and peace. Sex in heaven will be unthinkable because the vision of God will satisfy every longing of our being. This is summed up in the Psalm refrain found in the Mass memorial of St. Robert Bellarmine as follows: