Fractal courtesy of Doug Harrington,

To the human mind Truth is a manifold reality due to our limited concepts, yet they all originate at a central point and lead back to that origin which is God.

I was prompted to think about truth from Pilate's question to Christ, "What is truth?" Pope John Paul II comments on Pilate's question as follows: " 'What is truth' reflects the distressing perplexity of a man who often no longer knows who he is, whence he comes and where he is going."( John Paul II, The Splendor of Truth, Editions Paulines, Sherbrooke, QC, 1993, p. 129)

In the following pages I will explain this manifold nature of truth as well as its unchanging nature in the hope to enlighten those who think that truth is only relative.




1. Being Is Truth

2. Transcendent Truth

3. Human Truth

4. Scientific Truth

5. Truth in "Art"

6. Truth in Intelligent Machines

7. Truth of Natural Law

8. Truth of the Social Order

9. Revealed Truth

10. The True Way to God