Now that we have an insight into the life of God, we can see that the round/dynamic patterns of the universe are a reflection of the circular dynamic life of the Trinity. This circularity of the heavens is also reflected in life forms not in their outer design but within the dynamic flow of life cycles that all life forms experience.

Benoit Mandelbroth Classical Fractal Set

It is interesting to note that in Mandelbroth (Fractal Geometry), which describes the repeated forms of God's Creation with variations without end is composed of repetitive three lobes. Trinitarian dynamics are at work not only in the outer world but also in the Mathematical mind of man who seeks to interpret the works of God.

And all creatures exist in relation to each other at various levels of existence and in relation to the whole universe.

In the book of Genesis we read, "Then God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."(Gn 1:26) Although the author did not have the Trinity in mind, in retrospect we can see that Man is Created in the likeness of the Triune God. So we must look in the nature of man to see the Trinitarian dynamics at work. For example, when I think


I unite concept one (1) with concept two (1) to reach the new concept (2)

Likewise on the biological level we see in the creative process a trinity of persons, the union of Man and Woman produces the Child. And so the social structure of the family reveals the Trinitarian dimension.




The dynamics of human vision involves three things: THE OBJECT(outside oneself), PERCEPTION through the eyes which registers the image and ATTENTION of the WILL which gives rise to the human vision of the world. St. Augustine saw in this threefold process of the outer man an image of the Trinity. Or to put it another way, the external object begets the image and the attention of the will unites the two into Vision.

St. Augustine points out that the mind with its dynamic process of MEMORY, UNDERSTANDING AND WILL form a more perfect image of the Trinity because these faculties of the soul are equal and present to and interacting with each other forming One Mind.

Indwelling Trinity