God is the mystery of mysteries

so much so that in Chinese painting

He/She (Tao) is not depicted but stands as the white or plain background of every painting.

God is the deep mystery. Sometimes my mind is startled by the awareness of a God, a constant present from all eternity even before the creation of the world. How can that be? Everything in my experience tells me that something comes from something else. How can that be, an Eternal reality so far beyond my comprehension. Yet logic dictates that God has to be Infinite and Eternal in order to be the God He who Is.

God remains a mystery even after he has revealed his nature through his only Son. The limited human mind can never grasp fully the mystery of God, because only GOD THE INFINITE, THE ETERNAL, can understand Himself completely.

A story is told that St. Augustine of Hippo one day was waking along the seashore determined to solve the mystery of the Trinity.

As he was walking along he saw a child taking sea water and pouring it into a hole in the sand. He stopped and asked the child what he was doing. The child explained that he was putting all the water of the sea into the hole. St. Augustine exclaimed, but that is impossible.

The child (presumably an angel) told the Saint, so is your effort to solve the mystery of the Trinity impossible.

Trinity Revealed