Our sun is a tremendous source of light
and its energy transfigures the earth.

Clouds drift across the sky formed and driven by sunlight as it changes to heat thus constantly changing the cloud-pattern of our skies.

The wintry earth feels the sun's warmth, seeds begin to sprout, flowers appear and earth is charmed with color and the smells of spring.

Plants take nutrients from the ground and air using solar energy. They grow and multiply. Animals by eating plants take in plant nutrients and store solar energy on which they live, move, and multiply thus adding countless moving creatures on the face of the earth.

Light reveals the forms of creatures to our eyes thus transfiguring our inner landscape with images, thoughts and knowledge of all that is within our field of vision.

The dimming light of autumn changes plants to gold, orange and reds before they fall and return to wintry sleep.

Light transfigures all things because it is the image of God's Light who transfigures all things into glory.

Mind Transfigures Sight