Scientifically speaking up to now we had the idea that God created in the beginning (Big Bang Theory) and that everything unfolding from this beginning point determined the law of conservation of energy (Energy cannot be created of destroyed, it can only be transformed).

With the discovery of Zero Point Energy, our view of the universe is changing. This energy is present in empty space of a complete vacuum where even heat is at absolute zero, thus the name (0.Energy). We may tend to think that this energy is only present in the vacuum of cosmic space, but while this is true, this energy is present in every atom since atoms are 99.99% empty space. The electrons of the atoms are constantly radiating away energy while simultaneously absorbing and actual amount of ZPEnergy which gives the atom its stability or equilibrium. In another words, we are immersed in a pervasive sea of energy. Paramahansa Tewari, the Executive Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India describes this vacuum thus: "The medium of space is the only absolute entity that, with inherent motion in it, exists as the primordial dynamic substratum of the universe. The most fundamental state of energy is the "dynamic space" in the form of "space vortices," which appear as cosmic matter. The dynamics of space is the "cause" whereas, matter is the "effect."

"Princeton University’s John Wheeler and Richard Feynman valued the zero point energy for the first time. They calculated that a cup of zero point energy is enough to bring all the oceans of the world to boiling point. The equivalent in matter of the zero point energy using Einstein’s famous equation of

This is more matter per cubic centimeter than the total mass of the entire universe!
Contrary to what we have always believed matter is not a condensed substance but a diffuse form of energy."

If the Big Bang theory was completely true, it would mean that the galaxies which are moving away from each other would be slowing down, but the opposite is observed. The galaxies are moving away from each other at an ever increasing speed. Where does this energy come from? It would appear that ZPEnergy is constantly being created in the universe from nothing causing the faster acceleration of the galaxies. ZPEnergy, is therefore, the creative fundamental energy of the universe to which all other forms of energy are related, maintained and renewed. "Physicist Charles Seife defines zero-point energy as: "The energy caused by the spontaneous creation and destruction of subatomic particles, even in the deepest vacuum. It is a prime suspect for the cause of the cosmological constant." (zero_point.shtml) The cosmological constant indicates that "The vacuum energy density must be constant because there is nothing for it to depend on".

Theologians have always maintained that the Creation of the universe and its maintenance in existence is one and the same One Act of God and that the universe was created out of nothing. The vacuum science reveals that the universe was not only created in the past but is constantly being renewed and recreated by God's infinite power generated in the vastness of cosmos as well as atomic space. Our lives are constantly dependent on this creative energy of God ever present in the universe and in our own being. Hence this intelligent energy has something to do with "Healing Touch" which we are about to describe.

3. Christ's Healing Touch