We live in a touching world. The sun touches the earth with its gravitational pull and radiation. The moon touches us with its pull on the earth's oceans, rhythms of life and the reflected light of the sun which lights the darkness of night. The air touches the sea and sea waves touch the shore with its constant ebb and flow.

Every morning I am touched by sunlight which awakes me. Every moment I am touched by the air which pressurizes my body and its oxygen which releases the food energy of the sun in my body. I am touched by clouds who bring rain to cleanse my body inside and outside. I am touched by the earth which roots me to its surface and my body reacts by building bones strong enough to walk upon the earth's. I am touched by the blue sky with a sense of an infinite reality.

I am touched by voice waves which my ears translate into sounds. Music creates rhythms in my nature and I feel happy. I rejoice at good news and I'm sad to hear of suffering and death. I am touched by the smell of food which awakens in me a desire to eat so as to keep living.

A Father touches his child and he is comforted. I am touched by the thoughts of others when I read a book. I am touched by persons in my life by meeting, handshaking and kissing which says "I am glad to meet you" or "I love you" "I care for you".

In all forms of touching there is a transfer of energy. In the upper photo there is a transfer of light energy from the beach scene into my digital camera sensor. In reality the mother and children on the beach received solar energy which becomes body heat passed on to the colder water and air. As the waves move, they transfer wind energy to the shore, and so on.

Touching creates an intricate web of relationships and energy transfers which keeps us alive and reasonably happy. Our lives depend on the whole reality of the universe which touches us directly or indirectly and one who thinks he does not need anyone is deluding himself. Some of the things that touch us are visible while others such as gravity, electricity and magnetism are invisible, but just as real.

2. God's Creative Energy