The College of Notre-Dame at the time of Brother André was not a college in our sense of the word. It was a boarding school for boys ages 7-12 and the building we see today is the final product of changes over the years.

There is a plaque on the right side of the door of the college Notre-Dame., Montreal, which reads: "HOMMAGE AU FRERE ANDRE PORTIER DU COLLEGE 1871-1909" as you can see in the animation.

As a porter Brother André had the following tasks:

1) Answer the door bell and act as a receptionist.
2) Wake up each brother at 5am each morning with the words Benedicamus Domini (Let us praise the Lord).
3) Clean the reception room and three corridors.
4) Take and pick up the students laundry in the respective homes.
5) Run errands to town and pick up the mail at the Post Office.
6) Cut the student's hair.
7) Prepare altar breads, repair vestments, etc.

At times, one of the brothers would volunteer to act as the receptionist at the door. André would be overjoyed and go to the chapel to pray where he became so absorbed as to lose all sense of time. Finally the substitute would say, "Brother, you have been praying for two hours, that is certainly enough." Brother André would beg for five minutes more which would wind up 15 minutes or more.

6. André's Life of Prayer and Sacrifice