Today, Oct. 17. 2010 André (Alfred ) Bessette was declared a Saint of the Church by Pope Benedict XVI at the Mass at Saint Peter's Square before 50,000 people at Vatican City. He is the first male saint of Canada and the first Holy Cross religious to be canalized.

Pope Benedict said of him--



Brother André Bessette, born in Quebec, in Canada, and a religious of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, knew suffering and poverty very early in life. This led him to turn to God for prayer and an intense interior life. Doorman at the Notre Dame College in Montreal, he showed boundless charity and did everything possible to soothe the despair of those who confided in him. With little instruction, he nevertheless understood what was essential to his faith. For him, to believe meant to submit freely and lovingly to Divine Will. Everything existed through the mystery of Jesus, he lived the beatitude of the pure of heart, that of personal rectitude. It is thanks to this simplicity, he showed many God. He had the Saint Joseph Oratory of Mont Royal built, where he was the faithful guardian until his death in 1937. There, he was the witness of many healings and conversions. “Do not try to have your trials taken away from you”, he said, “rather, ask for the grace to endure them well”. For him, everything spoke of God and His presence. May we, following his example, search for God with simplicity to discover Him always present in the core of our lives! May the example of Brother André inspire Canadian Christian life!"

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On October 30, 2010, Saint Joseph Oratory held a celebration of Saint Brother André at the Montreal Olympic Stadium in which 30,000 people participated. A group of Holy Cross Brothers were present. The Canadians now call him Saint Brother André as you can see in French on the Celebration booklet.

The refrain from the closing hymn follows: