Regardless of how holy Brother André was he had to undergo the punishment of death because he belonged to the human race which had revolted against the living God.

Brother André had a premonition that the year 1936 would be his last on earth. He felt ill during the third Christmas Midnight Mass. On his way back to his room he said to the brother who accompanied him, "I have done all that I had to do. This work doesn't need me any more." Toward evening of the next day he felt well enough to pay a short visit to the Claude family. While there a host said, "Another Christmas Day is coming to a close, Brother" ,to which he retorted, "It is probably my last one."

Despite Dr. Lamy's advice to Brother André to rest, he opened his office to visitors on Sunday. A severe snow storm hit Montreal on that day. He ignored the bad weather and went to have supper with the Pichette family. While there he began to experience severe pains in his legs. On the way back to the Oratory, Brother André instructed the driver to stop by Saint Laurent Hospital so he could visit Ludger Allard who was wed to Father Cousineau's widowed mother.

The next day Brother André found himself in bed with increasing pains. His hands were shaking, he spoke very little and did not complain. Despite the care he was receiving Brother André kept getting worse so that Dr. suggested that he should go to the hospital in Saint Laurent, to which he agreed. About noon on New Year's Day Father Albert Cousineau visited him and asked "Are you suffering:" To which he replied, "Yes, I am indeed suffering but I thank God for granting me the grace of suffering. I need it so much. Father, we don't think enough about death. I have something to ask you; pray for may conversion." During the days of suffering which he endured, someone asked him, "Why don't you beseech Saint Joseph to heal you? To which he replied, "I can do nothing for myself."

By January 3, 1937,his right arm and shoulders gave him considerable pain. He offered his sufferings for the sake of blood-stained Spain which was undergoing a civil war. On January 5, Brother André became unconscious. At about 8am the superior of the Oratory gave him conditional absolution and administered the last rite in the presence of numerous friends. After 10am the nuns allowed an interrupted flow of visitor. On January 6, at 12:30am began the last agony. "In many homes on that eve of the Epiphany, people throughout Canada and the United States were listening to the radio to hear the latest news of dying Brother André in the small hospital in Saint-Laurent. On January 6, 1937 the sorrowful cry was heard, "Brother André is dead!" This became headline news in 375 newspapers in Canada and the United States including the New York Times. By January 10, 100,000 people were on the grounds of the Shrine to pay their respects and a million people would pass by his casket. Brother André's body had not been embalmed yet it underwent no change during the week it lay in state. The Spirit of God was surely at work.

14. Blessed Brother André