Brother André was often absent from the Oratory due to the requests to visit sick persons in different localities. Mr. Walch who was the owner of a big garage in Montreal placed at Brother André disposal a Cadillac and a driver, Mr. Dominic Cormier. Fr. Stephen Grenier relates the following, "Once he came to Phenix in a 16-cylinder Cadillac. I pointed out in a teasing manner, 'Brother, what about religious poverty?' He replied smiling, 'Father, it is to please the good gentleman who bought this automobile to drive me with. I take what is offered to me'." Sometimes, he traveled by train usually accompanied by one of his devoted followers. Brother André usually wore his religious habit, even when in the United States, because the religious garb commanded respect from those he met.

The area repeatedly visited, besides Ottawa Area, was the New England states along with Eastern New York and as far as New Jersey (shown in white). As soon as he arrived at the home of some relative or friend the news spread like wildfire so that crowds of sick, laymen and religious gathered seeking spiritual or temporal favors. Everywhere he went countless cures were realized through his intercession. Once a friend took him to his winter home in California wishing to give him some rest but even there an imposing number of people sought him out forcing him to establish certain hours when he would see people.

While visiting Holyoke, in Western Mass. Brother André healed the deaf mute 11 year old grand nephew of Arthur Marcil. The child, Leo Marcil, had been deaf-mute from birth. Brother André placed a medal of St. Joseph on the child's head and rubbed it with St. Joseph's oil. He spoke to the child telling him to pray to St. Joseph. A week later His speech improved gradually until he spoke fairly well. (p.199)

An outstanding miracle took place at the College de Saint-Césaire. There he met a child who had developed an inflammation of the bones and bone marrow. His left leg was much shorter than the other so that he would walk only on crutches. The boy, Jacques Berthiaume, made known to Brother André his desire to be healed. Brother André said, "Go and ask your mother if she will allow me to bring your crutches to the Oratory." The boy without thinking left his crutches and ran home to tell his mother. Was the mother surprised! Jacques went back to the college with the message, "Yes, Mamma gives you my crutches, and so do I." (p. 183)

13. Death of Brother André