As we have seen in "What is a miracle?" the majority of out of the ordinary events that happened through the intercession of St. Joseph and Brother André, only a few can be called miracles in the strict sense of the word, non the less, they are wonders produced by God in the designs of his providence. Father Dion in a report sent to the archbishop writes that, " From November 1909 to the Spring of 1910, some 24,745 letters were received, among them 112 claimed complete corporal cures, 4,320 cited improvements in health and 313 recorded favors either temporal or spiritual in nature. Among the letters were reports of remarkable conversions." In another report Father Claimant states, "Nearly every day, crippled persons leave their crutches or any other instruments (sic), and come down the mountain claiming, they are cured. There are also sensational conversions." (Laurent Boucher, CSC, Brother André, pp. 80-81)

The following testimony was given to the Inquiry Commission of the archbishop of Montreal on May 6, 1910 concerning a patient suffering from a tumor, complicated by peritonitis."On May 6, 1910, Mr. Viau, the sick child's father, arrived to take Brother André to the dying girl's bedside. It was late and the brother decided to wait till the next day to visit the child. 'Tomorrow my daughter will be dead,' replied Mr. Viau in dismay. 'No, at this very moment she has ceased suffering,' replied the brother. In fact, the pain had ceased and the patient had a restful night. A novena was carried out; the tumor and the infection disappeared." (Ibid., p. 83)

The final commission report was presented by Father Dion to the archbishop Bruchési in 1911. The archbishop asked Father Dion, "If you order Brother André to stop greeting the sick people, will he obey you?" "Yes, he will obey," replied the priest. The archbishop then added with kind wisdom, "Then let him continue, for if this is the work of God it will flourish; if not, it will collapse of itself." (Ibid., p. 84)

On Sunday, November 17, 1912 Archbishop Bruchési blessed the third and latest extension of the chapel and had this to say, " What shall I say of the miracles which take place here? If I deny them, these crutches and braces, witnesses of all donors, will speak in my place. It is certain that extraordinary things have taken place here, and even greater wonders than physical cures...the greater things are spiritual healings. Sinners have come here, and after praying they have confessed and gone away purified." (Ibid., p. 86)

11. The Crypt Church