The soul is simple yet dynamically composed, that is, endowed with certain innate powers or functions from its creation.

We may compare the soul's powers to computer ROM (Read Only Memory), and BIOS (Basic input and output), that is, primary memory/functions built into the computer. Without this primary internal design, the computer would not function at all.

These powers of the soul are as follows:

1. Animation - the soul is the first actuality of the organized body, its substantial form.

2. Intelligence - ability to conceptualize, understand and reason is to receive the forms or essences absolutely as separated forms (abstracted) from individuality.

3. Conscience - awareness that good is to be done and evil avoided.

4. Passions - ability to interact with the environment and respond by fear, anger, disgust, happiness, sadness, longing, pity, compassion, joy etc. These passions are abilities of soul which reverberate into bodily feelings. There is in the soul an innate desire for unending life and happiness.

5. Volition - ability to decide upon the course of action.


The soul is created empty of knowledge. It must acquire this knowledge by using bodily senses and functions of the brain.

On the level of the senses, the soul must interact with the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste in order to gain knowledge and on this level, it is completely dependent on the body.

On the level of the brain, it shares with it the ability to store information, memory and recall.

On the level of decision making (the will), the soul is completely independent from the brain. This ability stands outside the brain's ability

. Soul Longing