3. Creation of the soul, now.

Where is the soul created?

The soul being immaterial may be created at the level of Zero-Point Energy.

Quantum physics has discovered that high levels of energy exist in the absolute vacuum of space and at absolute zero temperature, a space found everywhere, even between atoms and underlying atoms. Scientists "suspect that vacuum produces matter from the zero-point radiation field, or in other words, matter is just another temporary state of the fluctuating fields called zero-point energy." (Alfred Wolf)

When is the soul created?

Embryology teaches that when the ovum and sperm unite, human development governed by DNA begins. The stages of development resemble those of animals but they are specifically human, therefore, the soul presence is guiding this human development.

Some say that the human soul is infused at a later stage of embryonic development. Let us suppose that we don't know the stage at which the soul is infused. Does this mean we can destroy the fertilized egg and developing embryo? No, because this embryonic life is destined by God to become fully human, so to destroy it means going against the will of the creator.

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