17. In the spirit of peace and love, Jogues barters wampum belts for the release of Theresa and a young Frenchman at a peace conference on June 19, 1646.

Small panel portrays symbols of Jogues truth and love, with the lamb lying with the lion and other symbols of peace, and Indians sitting around the Council Fire.

Today one of the tour boats bears the name Lac du Saint Sacrement (Lake of Holy Sacrament) as a reminder of the original name of the lake. There is also a painting on the boat showing Isaac Jogues looking over the the lake.


18. Seen here is Jogues' discovery and naming of the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament with its likeness to a sunlit ostensorium and the islands resembling a Host. In 1755 Sir William Johnson named the Lake for a forgotten English King.

Below, on the left, a young Christian Huron girl, Theresa, is shown as a captive; while on the right, an Ursuline Nun with Rosary, is depected. These were the Nuns who educated Theresa.





10-Right Window