19. Although not of Jogues' time, Kateri Tekakwitha, known as the Lily of the Mohawks, is well known for her goodness, her care for the aged and sick and her work among her people. The saintly young girl, who died at the age of twenty-four, lived her early hears along the Mohawk River. Despite paganism around her, she dedicated her life to God She was ridiculed by her fellow tribesmen, the Jesuits sent her to a reservation on the banks of the St. Lawrence River for her safety. It was there that she shared a life of prayer, and service to others. Sacred Heart's pastor, Rev George Phillips, was invited by Bishop Howard Hubbard to attend the June 1980 Beatification ceremony in Rome.



20. Jogues is lured into the Chief's lodge under pretext of a great feast. The medicine man, jealous of Jogues influence, had plotted his execution and he was tomahawked from behind on entering the lodge.

Below in the two small panels are the Saint's signature and his missal.