What is physical evil?

Evil is a lack of perfection that belongs to a given nature, e.g. a bird with one wing is a physical evil. We speak of two kinds of evils, moral evil and physical evil. But, can we really say the volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming are evils in themselves?

The dynamic and living earth is constantly changing. Its fiery interior causes movements of its Teutonic Plates, eruptions of molten lava, tsunamis which are watery effects of earth's movements. These movements are part of the nature of the globe in space and do not constitute an evil or a lack of perfection that should be there. To put it another way, "The apparent disorder of nature is really no disorder, since it is part of a definite scheme, and precisely fulfills the intention of the Creator; it may therefore be counted as a relative perfection rather than an imperfection. It is, in fact, only by a transference to irrational objects of the subjective ideals and aspirations of human intelligence, that the "evil of nature" can be called evil in any sense but a merely analogous one." (Catholic Encyclopedia:Evil) Had man remained in his original nature, he would have avoided, in some way, these destructive powers of nature bring about death.

4. Moral Evil Relation to Physical Evil