Up till now we have considered different aspects of patterns in nature which we must now view in a more global context.

Science considers "field of activity" as the primary reality in time and space. A field in science consists of the quantum field or matter which is patterns of energy, the electromagnetic field and the gravitational field. Living organism are considered as morphic fields, originally souls, that have an organizational memory (DNA) and a capacity to utilize matter and energy in order to grow (e. g. a seed). They all interpenetrate to facilitate a certain order in nature. To this we must add the Golden Ratio of Fibonacci (see Spiral Patterns) and the mathematical aspects of complex fractional numbers or Fractal Geometry (see Sacred Geometry). All of this indicates the presence of mental fields or intelligences who create and harmonize the processes of nature. Matthew Fox, an Episcopal priest, has well stated the dilemma of modern science as follows:

"Modern science itself is based on the idea that the universe is governed by invisible principles, the laws of nature. These laws are essentially intellectual because mathematical equations are things that exist in the minds. They are not actually physical things you encounter in the world. ... They are invisible governing principles. But they are conceived of in an extremely limited and non creative sense, as abstract mathematical equations rather than as living minds with creative power. Creativity is supposed to come into evolutionary process through blind chance. ... And in so far as people believe that mathematical equations are the ultimate truth, this is a form of idolatry. It treats man made mathematical models as ultimate reality." (Matthew Fox & Rupert Sheldrake, The Physics of Angels, HarperSanFrancisco, 1996, p. 81)

God is the primary presence, power, intelligence, wisdom and love sustaining and guiding the universe toward the end He has envisioned. Science does not think in terms of love but of power of attraction and unity (e.g. gravity) which in reality is the power of attractive love maintaining the unity of the earth and vast universe.

This being said, we are also aware that human intelligence also plays a role in the intelligent evolution of the earth and universe. The ever increasing discoveries of science and human desire and ability to explore our solar system have made this clear. But who can reach the vast expenses of space? Our galaxy, the Milky way is 100,000 light years in diameter. This means that a radio signal would take us 100,000 years to cross it. The Andromeda, our closest Galaxy is 1,800,000 light years away. These are astounding distances. So we must consider the presence of other intelligences at work in the universe who could travel at the speed of thought and these we call angels. Scripture leaves no doubt at to their presence and number,

"A surging stream of fire flowed out from where he [God] sat;
Thousands upon thousands were ministering to him,
and myriads upon myriads attended him."

(Dn 7:10)

How do angels or spiritual persons interact with the energy/matter the universe?

We don't know but by considering the angelic nature we may obtain some insight into their activities. Angels have an intuitive understanding of the essence of things, a knowledge that is ever present in them and becomes actual when they consciously avert to it. They are present where they are acting which is not a local presence as ours. Our bodies localize our presence in a spatial dimension, since angels have no bodies they cannot become localized in the same way. Their is a presence of mind over energy/matter in a chosen area of activity. We can transform matter by the use of our intelligence and the energy of our bodies or the energy of machines. Angelic activity consists of mind-power over matter in a different dimension from ours. In other words, they do not do the same kind of transforming of matter that we do. Their activity appears to be more on a cosmic level influencing the different patterns of the universe. In short, we are contained by place but angels instead contain the place of their activity.

10. Christ Is the Pattern