Crop Circles are geometric designs that appear in crop fields by the bending of crop areas in a matter of seconds. Ninety percent of these have appeared in England and those who have experienced the phenomenon speak of seeing globes of light over fields, sometimes hearing a buzzing or crackling sounds before the event and unrest of animals, especially an incessant barking dogs. Sometimes mist was seen arising from the crop field where the design appeared.

A visual examination of genuine crop circles reveal that they begin from a central point and move outwardly in spiral form. The pattern is made up of thin crop strips unlike those made by man with a three-foot board. If you lift the top layer you will find that the layer below flows in the opposite direction. The plants are bent to the ground but not pressed into it. Further, other plants such as poppies in the same field are not bent. "The fact that plants in early circle exhibited all manner of directional flow confirms that an intelligently guided source was at work. ... This force is capable of incising pictograms containing over a thousand elements with surgical precision, covering an area of 150,000 square feet, and with such unerring accuracy that 'curtains' of wheat one stock wide are sometimes all that separates one circle from another." (Freddy Silva, Secrets of the Fields, Hampton Roads, Pub., Co., Charlottesville, Va, 2002, p. 45,43)

Scientific investigations of genuine crop circles have revealed that most crop circles form above ground water or near water. That distortion of the magnetic field occurs is evident causing compasses and electronic equipment to malfunction or stop functioning. The crops are bent without damage or signs of human intervention and usually mature and were harvested. The soil inside these circles was noticeably dryer then the soil of surrounding crops. This has lead to the conclusion that an intense electro-magnetic energy in the microwave range of the spectrum creates an increase in temperature to 5000º K. or (8540º F.) for a fraction of a second. This evaporates the water especially from the base where most of it resides causing them to bend. It would seem that some ultra terrestrial intelligence was able to focus ultrasound energy which carries information for the design and whatever else they intended to convey.

As to who made these symbolic designs remains a mystery. They suggest extraterrestrial intelligence and certainly the invisible angelic world would have the knowledge and power to create such crop circles. Since similar designs are found in other cultures, they may have initiated on our planet interest in the science of geometry. Today they awaken in people an awareness of another dimension of existence. Feddy Silva in his most comprehensive book on the phenomena has written, "Whoever the Circlemakers are, it is not by chance that the sudden worldwide proliferation of crop circles coincides with the phase of earth's history when its natural systems are threatened with ecocide. The Circlemakes appear to be aware of this." (Ibid., p. 261)

Why do Circlemakers use geometric designs? Geometry has its practical side but is also a symbolical language. For example, from ancient times the circle has signified the Creator principle, the square, matter and earth and the triangle strength and stability. In Christianity it symbolizes the Trinity. "Symbols are mysterious, and the mysterious arouses our curiosity, pushing us to examine our knowledge, thereby gaining insight. ... And because no crop glyph means only one thing, or offer a single solution, they are difficult and elusive for the rational mind to accept." (Ibid., p. 170)

So, what do they mean? Rationally speaking we don't know except that we perceive them as beautiful. The intent of the Circlemakers may go beyond our understanding to affect matter itself. Crop circles have a tendency to form above ground water or near water. "Crystallization patterns in water sample taken from crop circles adopt their underlying geometry." (Ibid., p. 257) It would appear that a chemical code can be "memorized" by water even when diluted thousands of times. Seeds from crop field appear to have been coded energetically too. Seeds sealed in test tubes for a year appear to be in suspended animation compared to control samples which developed mold. Matter as such is mostly empty space at whose heart are patterns of energy. It would appear that their intent is to altar the pattern of energy in matter. The suggestion has been made that they may be doing this to correct some anomalies we have created by our misuse or the earth.

6. Sacred Geometry