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How varied are your works, LORD!
In wisdom you have wrought them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
(Ps 104:24)

God has built into the nature of things fundamental designs which can be easily seen in the natural world. We observe that all vegetation develops roots which anchor it to the ground and branches that reach toward the sky. Thus fundamental design is carried into the leaves because tiny branches must reach every cell of the leaf to keep it alive and functioning. The same design is inherent in animals and human being (e.g. the circulatory system). The circulatory process begins in the heart and end with the heart thus enabling man and animals to carry it along as they move from place to place. This same design appears in the formation of rivers. Many streams contribute rain water to a river and at its delta it breaks up into water channels going into the sea. Branching is self evident in trees but can also be found in modified ways in animals, e.g. the structure of bird feathers or the way feathers grow on a bird's wings.


As you can see, roundness is another prevailing pattern in nature. On the cosmic scale with all its suns, planets and moons it is the most prevailing design. We see also roundness in the plant world with its flowers and fruits. Animals are not round but do have one prevailing round structure, the eye with its round eyeball and iris. Obviously there are fruits which are not round such as the pear, eggplant, cucumber,etc., roundness then is truly an expression of oneness, unity and being which all creatures have. The circle as an abstraction stands for perfect roundness and as such symbolizes unity, perfection and life without beginning or end. Ultimately unity and being is God from whom all things acquire their being and reflect his life.

Look at the pattern of these fallen willow leaves. Many factors determined when and where each leaf will fall. The time of year, strength of the tree, pull of gravity, wind, rain, ground surface, etc. Do you think that you now understand the phenomenon? Partially. If you factor God into the equation where each leaf falls is the work of God's providence. It is God who works through secondary causes to make each leaf fall where He wills. Did not Christ point out that each hair on your head is numbered by God? If you were standing below the willow tree when leaves fall, one of them would probably have landed on your head and this also would have been his providence.



3. The Spiral Pattern