Fr. Dujarié realizing that poor health prevented him from directing the Brothers of St. Joseph decided to abdicate in favor of Fr. Moreau. This he did formally on Aug. 31, 1835 in the novitiate chapel. He rose and placing one hand on the corner of the altar and the other on his cane addressed Bishop Bouvier thus:

"Your Lordship:

You see how age and my infirmities have made me incapable of governing any longer the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Joseph which divine providence had raised up by my hands. Today, I come to lay it, in the hand of Your Lordship, begging you to turn to M. Moreau, assistant superior of the Grand Séminaire, to make him my successor in government of the little Society. I have been associated with him for a long time in the best of relationships and I have placed in him all my confidence."


Then Dujarié addressed Fr. Moreau thus:

"Abbé Moreau, I beg of you to accept the direction of the little congregation of the Brothers of St. Joseph which I have just given up because of my infirmities, which make it impossible for me to look after it and provide for its needs. I place it entirely in your hands; I entrust it to you. Please accept them as my most treasured possession, and as a trust for which you will have to render an account to the Prince of Shepherds. I want them to look upon you in the future as their father, and I have for you all the love, submission, and confidence which they owe you as a father.

M. Moreau than spoke:

"In the touching scene which has just unfolded before us and moved our hearts, there are things which strike me and leave me almost bewildered. In fact, what is my first duty? To admire the noble and generous sacrifice which this venerable old man, M. Dujarié has just made, or to tremble before the frightening responsibility which he has laid upon me. The sacrifice he has just made is one of the most meritorious acts of his entire life, and I defy anyone to show me any action more heroic than this. To appreciate it fully, one would have to know the full extent of his solicitude for the salvation of souls and his burning zeal in working for the glory of God ....

As for the burden which has been laid upon me, I tremble before the frightening account I will have to render to the sovereign judge. From now on, how many preoccupations will be mine! How many works I shall have to undertake and maintain! Above all, what a responsibility will be mine for the souls whose guidance has been entrusted to me! But all this is aside from the point. Abandoning myself entirely to God, I accept the burden of this task out of obedience, and I hope, my very dear Brothers, that, as I make this sacrifice of myself, I shall find in you men who will be docile and ready to cooperate with my efforts to insure the welfare of the Congregation."

9. Fr. Moreau formation of "Auxiliary Priests"