Fr. Moreau approach on the life of Christ is based on the Cross. He wrote,

"At this time in the midst of troubles, one might have said that God wanted to keep us ever mindful of the Cross of Jesus Christ in order to encourage us to carry our own crosses, for they were becoming heavier each day, although they always appear to us as a sign of hope." In a conference given at St-Laurent he tell us what the cross is.

"What is the Cross? It is made up of our desires, of our disorderly inclinations, our attachments. It is our poor heart so quickly given up to all that is of this earth and so cold toward all that is of heaven." It is no mere coincidence that Moreau chose as our emblem the Cross flanked by two anchors with the words Spes Unica (the Cross is our only Hope)."

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Crux Fidelis; cross of gladness,
tree on which our hope is hung;
Let my arms be as your branches,
yours the song that must be sung.