Father Anthony Basil Mary Moreau will be beatified on Sept. 15, 2007 in the Church he built at Sainte-Croix.

Some Ask:" What does Beatification mean?"

The term "Blessed" indicates that Fr. Moreau practiced Christian virtue to an heroic decree and is proposed as a model for Christian life. This is affirmed by the Church after an assiduous study of his life and the recognition of one true miracle though the intercession of Fr. Moreau.

The recognized miracle was that of a Canadian woman, Laourette Comtois, who after giving birth to a dead fetus on June 1, 1948,developed pleuritis of the left lung. The usual remedies failed to work and she became worse. A decision was was to perform a thoracentisis. Meantime the Sisters and novices of Holy Cross along with patient, her husband and others prayed for the intercession of Fr. Basil Moreau. On the night between the 17th and 18th she recovered completely without the operation. This was accepted as a miracle on the grounds that she recovered faster than normal without the operation. (Congregation for the Causes of the Saints: Decree Super Miraculo)

The decree of Beatification means that on the anniversary of his death Mass and Liturgical Hours may be celebrated by the Holy Cross Community. It may also be celebrated in the Diocese of Le Mans where he lived and was known. Canonization may take place later after further study and an additional miracle when he may be infallibly declared to be among the Saints. Meantime, let us pray for vocations to Holy Cross especially in the United States.



Lord God,
you enlivened the heart of Venerable Basil Moreau
with a profound trust in you Divine providence.
Fill our hearts and the hearts of all the religious of Holy Cross
with a deep conviction of your providential care for our community,
and help us to know that
Holy Cross is not a human work, but God's very own
Show forth your providential love in the lives of all your people
and draw to serve in the family of Holy Cross new members
who seek to serve you with all their hearts.
We ask this though Christ, our Lord. Amen.

18. Spirituality of Fr. Moreau