Between 1835-1836 Fr. Moreau moved the novitiate from Rullié to "Sainte-Croix", a suburb of Le Mans. The property was donated by Canon de Lisle and contained the main house with yard, a garden and a building for the caretaker covering an area of seven acres. At this time Sainte-Croix was a rural community of farms scattered amidst fields and vineyards. The novices were taught arithmetic, grammar, geography, sacred and profane history, linear drawing, singing, bookkeeping, Christian doctrine and religious life.

Fr. Moreau also transferred the Boarding School which has been reduced to five or six students from Ruillé to Sainte-Croix and placed it under the care of Brother Vincent, a certified teacher. And Dujarié was not forgotten but invited to live in the same place which he did.



Up to now the Auxiliary Priests founded were living in the Seminary but with his dismissal, where was he to lodge them? He wrote:



"We decided to withdraw immediately. This step was not taken without great anxiety of mind, as we had no money and no house where he could spend the morrow. We spent practically the whole night in adoration of the designs of Providence, abandoning ourselves blindly to His action in our regard, and we fell asleep only after exclaiming: 'If God does not bless our work, and if he bring us nothing but a great public humiliation, we will go off and hide in La Trappe and there prepare for eternity.'" (Catta, Vol. 1, p.360)


And indeed divine providence came to his aide. The next morning M. Barré, a well known anti-clerical approached Fr. Moreau in the sacristy of the cathedral of Le Mans and said to him: "Monseur le Curé ... I am the one that is going to get you out of trouble. You need a gig house, so I'll let you have mine at one hundred franks a month. Come and see it, it's just what you want!" This house was located next to to the Brothers of St. Joseph so he gratefully accepted the offer.

Eventually the union of Priests and Brothers formed the Congregation of Holy Cross and its gets is name from its location, "Sainte-Croix", a suburb of Le Mans.

11. Sisters of the Seven Dolors