1. The French Revolution and the Church
2. Young Moreau in Revolutionary France
3. Fr. Moreau the Student Priest
4. Fr. Moreau in Solitude of Issy
5. Fr. Moreau, Teacher of Priests
6. Sisters of the Good Shepherd at Le Mans
. Fr. Dujarié, the Founder
8. Fr. Moreau Accepts the Brothers of St. Joseph
9. Fr. Moreau Forms"Auxiliary Priests"
10. Move to "Sainte-Croix"
11. Sisters of Seven Dolors
12. Restoration of Religious Life
13. Holy Cross in the United States
14. Fr. Moreau Visits America
15. Dark Night of the Soul
16. Death of Our Founder
Destined for Glory
18. Spirituality of Fr. Moreau