There are many who do not think money should be spent going to Mars but should be used to solve poverty problems on earth. This is a valid objection which must be viewed within the context of human development.

One day the Devil said to Christ that if he were the Son of God to command the stones to turn into bread. Sure Christ could feed all the people of the world and they would love him for it. But Christ answered,

"Man does not live on bread alone,
but by every word that comes forth
from the mouth of God."
(Mt 4:4)

Indeed the Moon, Mars and the other planets are words of God. Sure we could spent all our resources to feed the poor of the world, but this would not satisfy the God-given urge in man to explore nor would we prepare for the future of mankind.


On January 14, 2004 above President George Bush stated the following:

"NASA spends, and will continue to spend, less than 1% of the Federal budget.
Our Nation's investment in space is reasonable for a tremendously promising program of discovery and exploration that historically has resulted in concrete benefits as well as inspiring Americans and people throughout the world."

God Recreates Mars