Mars was formed along with the earth 5 billion years ago but man appeared on earth much later, c. 1-2 million years ago and beheld the starry heavens. In the beginning, man was on familiar terms with God as is said in Genesis, "They heard the sound of the LORD God moving in the garden at the breeze time of day...." (Gn 3:8) and did not confuse the presence of God in their lives with any creature.

All this changed when Adam and Eve revolted against the living God.
Mankind no longer saw clearly the Living God because sin had darkened his intelligence and so began to confuse the Creator with the creature. He saw the planets or wandering stars in the sky and perceived them as powers which ruled his life on earth. It is believed that Mars was originally an ancient god of spring, nature, fertility and cattle."For thousands of years Mars was a sacred power in human affairs; and its color made it a dangerous power, representing blood, anger, war and the heart."80 In the Roman world Mars was offered sacrifices before going into battle and in some cultures offered human sacrifices.

With the advent of God's revelation to Israel, this state of affairs began to change. We read in Exodus 20 that the LORD is the only God to be worshipped, therefore:

Today we don't regard Mars as a god but as another physical body in the solar system. This does not mean, however, that our spiritual interaction with Mars has ceased, it has merely shifted from adoration to admiration, exploration and transformation. Mars will surely play an important role in the future of the Earth and in the plan of God for his people.

God's Face of Mars