Marriage has its origin in heaven.

There is in the living God an unimaginable life where each person lives in the other, creating a tremendous communion of life, love and joy. To the apostles who asked to see the Father,
Jesus said:

"Do you not believe that I am in the Father
and the Father is in me?" (Jn 14:10)
And St. Paul tells us
"The Spirit scrutinizes everything,
even the depths of God." (I Co. 2:10)


The dynamic life of the Triune God is reflected in varied ways in the creation. We see this on the atomic level where electrons (-) are attracted by protons (+) giving birth to atoms. There is also attraction on the chemical level e.g. (H2O) which gives rise to molecules of water. When we connect the polarities of a battery, thus closing the electrical circuit, we give rise to heat, light and magnetism. On the biological level the dynamic interaction between (C) Carbon atoms and other atoms gives rise to the dynamic structures of living forms.

Oriental cultures speak of the realities of nature in terms of masculine and feminine qualities e.g. water is feminine and rock is masculine. Are they attributing human characteristics to the non-human world? Or, is it the other way around. Peter Kreeft as well said, "Human sexuality is derived from cosmic sexuality". The Triune dynamics is made evident in the creation of man and woman as we read in Genesis:

"Let us make man in our image...
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them." (Gn 1:26-27)

Within this context, man and woman mirror the life in God in so far as they complement each other. God did not create man to be alone because God is not alone. Within God's oneness there is the eternally joyful interplay of Persons, the Father with the Son in the Spirit.

The mystery of God's unity again becomes operative in the union between man and woman. God intended from the beginning that the union between man and woman should become an unbreakable bond in the likeness of inner life of God. Christ declares that marriage creates a bond of unity "So they are no longer two but one flesh".(Mk 10:9)


"As a break with God, the first sin had for its first consequence the ruptured of the original communion between man and woman."(Catechism of the Catholic Church #1607)

From now on the conjugal union will experience difficulties. Love as romantic love is seen as primary. Their mutual attraction changed into a relationship of dominion and lust. Infidelity, jealousy, hatred lead to separation and divorce. Many children from broken homes lose their way in life because they feel that no one loves them. Families with one parent means that the father or mother is missing, and again, the disfiguring of the Trinitarian dynamic of life.

In our technological society, the desire to beget children artificially, that is, without a relationship between man and woman has increased. The killing of her children (abortion) reveals her defiance of God's command "Do not Kill". On the horizon appears cloning, that is, manipulation of an individual cell to produce an exact biological copy of an individual as a means of satisfying one's vanity and a false view of immortality.


The lost loving union between man and God was renewed by God in a mysterious way. God the Father in, with and through the power of the Eternal Spirit fashions the human nature of his Son in the womb of Virgin Mary. Christ's death on the Cross achieved the forgiveness of Sin for mankind and his Resurrection opened the way to his heavenly Father and the marriage feast of heaven. This union between man and God continues in time and space as the Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ.


Within this context, Christian Marriage is not only an image but also a realization of the union between Christ and his chosen people, and this love for his people endures forever. Marriage is a Sacrament or a Sacred Sign and Realization of Christ active union with his Church. Marriage is an action of Christ which awaits their free consent to bind man and woman into a union with each other and Himself.

Why does Christ enter into a loving relationship between man and woman?

Because Christ came to restore the original order of creation disturbed by sin.
It is He himself who gives the strength and grace
to live marriage in the new dimension of the Reign of God .
"It is by following Christ, renouncing themselves, and taking up their crosses that spouses will be able to "receive"
the original meaning of marriage and live it with the help of Christ."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church #1615)


The love-union between man and woman is a sacred act because it calls upon the creative presence and power of God in begetting a child. Man and woman give each other of their biological makeup but it's only God who creates the individual soul at conception. Their love must now expand to include the child, thus, appears a third person to complete the Trinitarian dynamics of the family.

The child has an eternal destiny and the parents the responsibility to educate the child and bring him or her to the realization of a life in Christ. The child is baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But this is just the beginning of the supernatural life in God. Faith must be nurtured and moral conscience developed by teaching and example or it will die and an immortal person may be lost forever. Eventually the child will ask," Why did God make me? And the parents must answer, "to know, love and serve God in this life and to be happy with Him forever in heaven". This is the awesome responsibility of parents.

Love and the family is only a prelude of what is to come. All must experience death as a separation from our loved ones. And the question arises": "Will I see my loved ones in heaven?" Certainly the love relationships begun on earth between husband and wife, parents and children will be fully realized in heaven because the love we will have for them will be a God-like. The time of procreation is past and Christ has told us that there will not be marriage of giving in marriage in heaven but we will be like the angels, although we will retain our masculine or feminine qualities which will enhance our love relationships even in heaven.

But suppose on entering heaven we learn that my wife, or one of my sons or a daughter have been lost forever, shall we still be happy? The answer is an absolute yes! The vision of God communicates to us a God-like sense of justice, that is the ability to judge as God does without passion or prejudice; we will have the desire that everyone be rewarded or punished according to his works and we will be completely satisfied to see the just sentence carried out in effect.25