The Mercy of God devotion encouraged by the mystical experiences of St. Faustina is not a new doctrine but a focusing of the human consciousness on a truth of God's revelation with a deeper insight, understanding and willingness to plead for God's mercy realizing the need for atonement for our sins. Note: Mercy implies an awareness of God's justice, a justice which demands that we make up for the punishment our sins deserve.

Begin by reciting the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Apostles' Creed. And using the rosary beads continue.

On the Large Bead before Each Decade pray:

Eternal Father

I Offer You

the Body and Blood,

Soul and Divinity

of your dearly beloved Son,

Our Lord Jesus Christ,

in atonement for our sins

and those of the whole world.

On the 10 Small Beads of Each Decade is said or song:

For the sake of his sorrowful Passion,

have mercy on us

and the whole world.

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Holy God

Holy Mighty One,

Holy Immortal One,

have mercy on us

and the holy world.

Encounter God's Mercy