1. Evolution is called a theory because scientific suppositions must be proven. Stephen J. Gould stated: "Science...cannot establish absolute truth; thus, our conclusions must always be tentative."

2. Evolution as small changes in living organism by natural selection as they adapt to changing conditions (microevolution) has been proven.

3. Living organisms are composed of many irreducibly complex molecular functions seen as intelligent design which have not been explained by mutations and natural selection.

4. Detailed coded information (DNA) is at the heart of all living organisms without which they would not exist or function. This points to a Cosmic Intelligence.

5. The Cambrian divergent life forms presupposes an influx or an unfolding of genetic information within a relatively short period of time (c. 10 million years) of geologic time.

6. There is no inherent contradiction between evolution and intelligent design. Evolutionists seek secondary causes to explain change in living organisms. Intelligent design proponents see deeper into the reality of nature as coded information reflected in the numerous irreducibly complex molecular functions of living organisms.

7. Should intelligent design be taught in our schools along with evolution?

By all means because intelligent design can be verified by the use of reason alone acting upon the internal dynamics of living organisms. While it does point to a Cosmic Designer, are we not a nation founded under God?