Design in nature is self -evident. The flower and beetles have shape, form and being, perceptible to our senses and intelligible to our minds. But the question that arises in our minds is: How did it become what it is? The simple, yet profound answer is, "God made it".

But our persistent minds asks: "How did God make it? For this answer we look to science and this is where our troubles begin. Today we have two schools of thought, "Evolution" and "Intelligent Design". This is what I aim to elucidate in the following pages.

William Demski has written in Natural History Magazine, April 2002 the following:

"In ordinary life, explanations that invoke chance, necessity, or design cover every eventuality. Nevertheless, in the natural sciences one of these modes of explanation is considered superfluous -- namely, design. From the perspective of the natural sciences, design, as the action of an intelligent agent, is not a fundamental creative force in nature. Rather, blind natural causes, characterized by chance and necessity and ruled by unbroken laws, are thought sufficient to do all nature's creating."

Creation To Evolution