a) Clarity means being free from anything deformed and being filled with beauty and radiance.

Earthly men are like the man of earth, heavenly men are like the man of heaven. (I Co. 15:48) And the man of heaven is the Risen Christ.

Before dealing with the clarity of the risen body let us pause to reflect on the aura of the man of earth.

There is little doubt that a "Field of Energy" emanates and surrounds every human being since the body is composed of fields of energy. This field is called the aura, or astral body, or the electromagnetic field and the Chinese call it the Qi the vital energy of the body. Kirlian photography and Russian studies have concluded that this field is composed of infrared radiation (e.g.heat) and high frequency radiation (UV) which is related to conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions and emotions. They also noted that this energy field is constantly changing in living forms but remains basically the same in non-living forms. Practitioners of medicine have indicated that the field can reveal sickness or the health of the body/soul complex. In our temporal existence, we do not normally see the aura with our own eyes, therefore, it does not readily reveal the goodness or inner deformity (biological or spiritual) of an individual.

The Transfiguration of Christ gives a prelude of our clarified nature.

His face became as dazzling as the sun,
his clothes as radiant as light. (Mt.17:2)

And in explaining the parable of the seed to his apostles Christ said:
Then the saints will shine like the sun
in their Father's kingdom. (Mt.13:43)


How are we to gain an insight to our heavenly transfiguration?

We have even in life a mode of seeing which is intellectual. Sometimes we do not understand a truth and when explained we exclaim "I See". This seeing opens the intellect to truth. God helps to see Him by pouring into our soul intuitive knowledge of Himself. As a rose opens up to the light of the sun, so our soul will expand to see into the ineffable God and becomes bright with His Glory. The soul now loves God with a love beyond comprehension and finds great joy and peace in God's presence.

At the resurrection, the brightness and beauty of the transfigured soul will overflow into the body thus radiating an aura of glory.

St. Paul tells us:

The sun has a splendor of its own,
so has the moon, and the stars have theirs,
one differs from another in brightness.
So it will be at the resurrection of the dead. (I Co. 15:41-42)

And the bodies of the godless? "Their bodies will be opaque and darksome, as their souls will be void of the light of of divine knowledge."21