Elisa Romeo has written a book Meet Your Soul dealing with experiencing your soul which is the consciousness of your true self. She describes the soul - "She is the root of your consciousness. Your Soul nudges you toward your fullness, releases you from limiting beliefs, and challenges you where you withhold Love. She is the in-between of your ego self and Universal Source energy, also called the Divine or God. She is your highest God/ Goddess self— you in your most authentic and genuine form." (Romeo, Elisa (2015-03-03). Meet Your Soul: A Powerful Guide to Connect with Your Most Sacred Self (p. 4). Hay House, Inc.. Kindle Edition. )

How did Elisa come to know her soul?

One day Elisa had a headache and went for a massage during which she entered a trance state. Suddenly her consciousness floated out of her body experiencing herself from the outside point of view. She realized, "I am not my body". A moment later she met her soul and recognized that her life choices up to that point had been dictated by fear. From that time on her mission in life has been to remind people of the reality of their soul's existence. Elisa gives us an intuitive vision of the soul on a natural level, as experience it in the depth of our lives.

My Observations

I have often come across the word soul in scripture but it was a mysterious term to me. Yes, I knew intellectually what it was, the principle of life or that which makes me what I am. Yes, I also know experientially know what it is because as a religious I have meditated for half and hour every day for many years, but I never really reflected on the soul as such. The soul is the true self made in the image of God. The soul must ultimately point to the reality of the divine as we read in scripture "O God, you are my God—it is you I seek! For you my body yearns; for you my soul thirsts, In a land parched, lifeless, and without water." (Ps 63:1)

Elisa spells out different ways to get in touch with your soul the most fundamental of which is medication. "Meditation [she says] is a way to bring relief to our lives. It is the most luxurious, self-loving, and Soul-gasmic way to connect. It is the most revolutionary way we can love ourselves. In our busy, external, and hectic world, meditation is sacred time to fall in love with your Soul. We can’t serve what we don’t know, and meditation is an opportunity to get to know Her better." (Ibid., p, 54) Meditation means being alone with yourself, banishing all external and internal distractions so as to become aware of the soul and our relationship with God. Or as Elisa puts it, "We need to be able to quiet the distracted, manic ego in order to be able to get the true information from our higher Self." (Ibid., p. 56)

After reading her book I am still wondering what religious beliefs Elisa holds. She certainly believes in life after death but listening to a YouTube interview, I am under the impression that she believes in reincarnation. There is no indication in her interviews and the book that she accepts God historical revelation and salvation which can ultimately only be found in the sacrifice of Christ.


5. Desire of My Soul