My being has been known by God from all eternity but I was created in my mother's womb at certain time and place. The designing knowledge of my body was passed to me from my mother and father but my soul was an immediate creation of God at the moment of conception. The soul took over and rearranged this knowledge in a unique way so that my body is my soul's body and no one else. My body does not contain my soul, but my soul contains the body. Or, I don't have a soul. I am soul.

God created me in his own image meaning that my soul is a spirit, an essence without parts which can never die. On the other hand, my body is made up of parts which can separated from the soul, so it is mortal. My soul is in God's image because it is endowed with intelligence and a will which is free. St. Thomas Aquinas makes clear that the soul is a substance, that is sub-sists. "The intellectual principle which we call the mind or the intellect has an operation "per se" apart from the body. Now only that which subsists can have an operation "per se." For nothing can operate but what is actual: for which reason we do not say that heat imparts heat, but that what is hot gives heat. We must conclude, therefore, that the human soul, which is called the intellect or the mind, is something incorporeal and subsistent." (Summa, Pt. I, Q. 75, Art. 2)

Consciousness arises with the soul interaction with its environment. "The main characteristic of the soul is consciousness. The soul as life is 'seated in the heart,' and the rational spiritual consciousness is 'seated on the throne between the eyebrows.'" (Bailey, The Soul and it's Mechanism, p. 128) At the beginning of human like the pulsating heart is the first to form and later the head with its brain. The five senses of man come into being as extensions of the fundamental consciousness of the soul. It is the soul reaching out to experience its outer physical body and other realities of its environment. In time, the individual becomes aware not only of other creatures but also self-aware, that I exist or "I am".

Because the soul is spiritual it is capable of abstract or universal ideas. For example, we say "that is a cat" meaning that it has the nature of a cat. This idea refers to all cats regardless of shape, color and size. Since the soul is a spirit, it has an awareness of that great Spirit which we give the general name of God. An animal does not have such an awareness because its soul is limited to awareness only of the present.

Boethus defines a person as an individual substance of a rational nature. So, the individuality aspects of the soul makes a person.

2. Immortality of the Soul