Christ came to earth to do the Father's will. This became very evident as he came face to face with his impending death in the Garden of Gethsemane. He said to his three disciple, "'My soul is sorrowful even unto death. Remain here and keep watch with me.'" (Mt. 26:38) Then he fell prostrate on the ground and in his agony he prayed, "' My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; but, not as I will but as you will.'" (Mt. 26:39)

Jesus fulfilled his Father's will even unto death on the cross. He came to teach us and be an example on how to do the will of God. Many will not face death as Jesus did but the thought of death is never far from our consciousness and the judgment of God we will have to face. Jesus help us to do God's will!

How do we know God's will?

We all all aware that good is to be done and evil avoided and with the help of reason we can arrive at certain conclusions of the natural law. For example, our reason tell us that marriage can only be between man and woman because in the nature of things it is meant to beget new life.

God inspired Moses to write the Ten Commandments which further clarifies the Natural Law and God's will.

The Church further helps us to discern God's will in situations where it is not clear to the average human mind what is right or wrong.

With regard to vocation in life, Single, Married or Religious, the individual has to discern for himself but even here he has God's help and the advice of others.

The major difficulty in life is not in knowing God's will but in doing God's will. God's will and the human will is perfectly harmonized in Heaven where there is no pain or uncertainty but the Joy of God's will ever present in the heavenly life.

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