When we look at creation we see basic designs such as the branch, circle and the spiritual repeated endlessly with countless variations of details. We are also aware of the dynamic and chaotic side of nature as seen in the weather and our stream of consciousness. What causes the countless variations in nature so that no one leaf is like another? Why are the patterns of nature repeated over and over again? Why is there chance or unpredictability in nature?

What you see above is a graphic presentation of the workings of nature or fractal geometry discovered by Mandelbrot by trial and error. In the Mandelbrot set, if you zoom in at any of the smaller structures it will be enlarged, the same pattern appears but not one is exactly alike. Also, there is scaling which means that the same pattern is repeated over and over again on an infinite smaller scale. This infinite scaling is achieved in fractal geometry by iteration, which means that the result of the formula above is at the beginning of the next iteration, and so on. It is precisely these small changes in the formula which simulate small changes in nature responsible for larger changes in dynamic systems. For example, a small change in the clouds of Venezuela can bring about a large change in the of New York weather.

R.C.L. has this to say, "God is back in the picture, not just as the creator of the machine who then left - the ghost in the machine - but as the Strange Attractor, the origin of inexplicable and unpredictable order from chance. This is a new kind of order, a "fractal order", based on a relatively few basic structural principles from which many transitory laws follow." (Webpage-Law and Disorder: The New Science of Chaos)

What we perceive as chance or unpredictability in nature is really the Wisdom of God at work in Creation.

"How great are Your works, O God!
You made them all with wisdom,
the earth is full of Your creatures."
--Psalms 104:24

God Knows Me