'In him we live

and move

and have our being,'
(Ac 17:28)


God said to Moses "I Am who Am." (Ex3:14 ) In Him there is fullness of being. God is always actual because there is no potency in Him. God does not change because change would mean becoming more or less than He Is. "I, the Lord, do not change." ( Mal 3:6)

If God is immutable and unchanging, how does He move all his creation?

First of all, all creatures exist in the living God. They are in God who knows them and since God's knowledge is the same as Who He Is (his essence), and in his essence creatures live in an immutable manner because the past, present and future of each creature is present to God.

God's Knowledge is also the cause of creatures living in the time/space and motion dimension of being. Even the time-space creation is in God because He gives them being and sustains all creatures by his power. In their nature, creatures are programmed to return to their Creator, that is, there is an inherent tendency in all things toward unity (the One), the good, true and beautiful which is God himself. Since it is God who gives creatures their being and the dynamics of their nature, God is the ultimate cause of all motion although He is unmoving.

A very important question now arises as to the mode of operation between God (First Cause) and Creature (Second Cause). We are not to conceive it as a mechanical working together, but as an organic activity in one another and with one another. Hence it in incorrect to ascribe part of the activity to God and part to the creature. The action as a whole belongs to the Divine as well as to the created cause. 89

An example will make this above clear:

Here we see two alpacas one is moved to eat by hunger and the good grass, while the other reacts by looking at me taking the photo, an instinctive reaction toward self preservation. My rational activity prompted by my desire for good photos of God's creatures and the instinctive activity of the alpacas are encompassed by the actual presence of the God, the the unmoved mover.

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