"In the beginning,
when God created the heavens and the earth,
the earth was a formless wasteland,
and darkness covered the abyss,
while a mighty wind swept over the waters."
(Gn 1:1-2) The description of Genesis refers to the unformed world in opposition to formed realities such as earth, oceans, clouds, etc.

Modern physics has arrived at a similar notion. In studying the atom, we have come to realize that sub-atomic particles moved randomly in the spaces between atoms and the vastness of space. In the high energy scattering experiments, "Matter has appeared ... as completely mutable. All particles can be transmuted into other particles; they can be created from energy and can vanish into energy. ...the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns." 88

Human system painting courtesy of Alex Grey at http://www.alexgrey.com.

When we shift out perspective to the visible world, we become aware of patterns such as branching. The tree has it branches but the same pattern can be seen in the leaf and river. The same pattern also appears in the snowflake, the wings of the butterfly and the structure man.

With Fractal Geometry, science has moved away from a mechanistic view of the universe and has come to this conclusion: "Chaos is no enemy and destroyer of Cosmos, for from out of Chaos a higher order always appears, but this order comes spontaneously and unpredictably. It is 'self-organized'. The creation of the Universe is an ongoing process, not just a one-time event at the beginning. All and everything - and everyone - is part of this creative process. Over time all systems - from molecules, to life, to galactic clusters - are continually creating new organizations and patterns from out of featurelessness and chaos. The world is not a Clock, it is a Game, a Game of Chance and Choice. In the game, random processes - chance and serendipity - allow room for free will, individuality and unpredictable creativity." (Webpage: Law and Disorder: the New Science of Chaos)

God is the final cause of all these patterns and in Him there is only one pattern ( grand dynamic design) with an infinite number of variations of the same pattern. In God, the act of understanding is his essence and his being. (Summa Q.14, Art.4) It therefore follows that "[God's] one and simple essence is the pattern of all things manifold and compound; and so by it God knows the whole multitude and complexity as well of actual nature". (Jaques Maritain Center: Of God and His Creatures #58)

God's Dynamic Presence