In the following pages I will highlight some of the important historical, scientific, philosophical and theological ideas found in Dante's Paradiso meant to help you understand it better. You should have some familiarity with the Paradiso, if not, place the text in front of you as you read my comments. Quotes are from Penguin Classics: The Divine Comedy 3, Paradise. For a more understandable reading go to James Finn Cotter translation of the Divine Comedy found on the Web.



1. Dante Alighieri
2. Celestial Cosmos
3. Dante's Love for Beatrice
4. Moon: Heavenly Cloister
5. Mercury: Celestial Rulers
6. Venus: Celestial Lovers
7. Sun: Sphere of Wisdom
8. St. Francis: Lady Poverty
9. St. Dominic: Mighty "Doctor"
10. Solomon: "None Ever Rose"
11. Vision of Glorified Body