"When the flesh, glorified and holy,
shall be put on again, our person shall be
more acceptable for being all complete,
so that the light freely granted to us
by the Supreme Goodness shall increase,
light which fits us to see Him;
from that vision increase."
(Canto XIV. 43-49) Dante Project: Princeton University.

Dante is still in the heavenly sphere of the sun. Beatrice perceives that he has questions dealing with the glory of the soul to the glorified body. Will this glory of the soul last forever? Will the the eyes of the glorified body be able to stand this brightness? Solomon proceeds to clarify Dante's questions.

In these verses Dante seems to indicate that with the resurrection the vision of God increases. This seems to contradict what he just wrote in Vs. 40-43 that the brightness of these souls is proportionate to the fervor of their love which in turn is proportionate to their vision of God based on the grace God has given. Light now overflows from the soul to the body and since the soul had no body before the resurrection, this then can be thought of as an increase of glory.

St Thomas points out in the Summa that the soul sees God in its own way, that is, by an intuitive intellectual vision while the human eyes cannot have such a vision. This does not mean that the eyes will be excluded completely from the vision as St. Thomas states, "yet it will see it as an object of indirect vision, because on the one hand the bodily sight will see so great a glory of God in bodies, especially in the glorified bodies and most of all in the body of Christ, and, on the other hand, the intellect will see God so clearly, that God will be perceived in things seen with the eye of the body, even as life is perceived in speech. For although our intellect will not then see God from seeing His creatures, yet it will see God in His creatures seen corporeally." (Summa Theologica, Supplement, Part III. 92.2) The union of soul and body and it's indirect vision of God throughout his creation will give an increase of joy to the blessed without increasing the essential vision of God. And yes, our human eyes will not be harmed by the light splendor of the blessed because "The body's organs will be rendered strong." (Canto XIV. 60)

The blessed souls desire for the completion of their being is here expressed by Dante.

"So swift they were, so keen to cry Amen.
As made me feel the yearning of those choirs
To welcome their dead bodies back again."
(Canto XIV. 61-63)