Let us now consider Christ as the efficient cause of our salvation. An efficient cause is an entity which brings about a change.

First, Christ's death is the meritorious cause of our redemption.
By his death on the cross he achieved the forgiveness of our sins. He is also their efficient cause of out resurrection. He is the efficient cause because his humanity He became the instrumental cause of His Godhead working its justice. The efferent power of his resurrection extends to both the good and the wicked who are subject to his judgment. The wicked will also rise but not in glory.

Christ's resurrection extends not only to the body but also to the soul because the soul lives by grace and the body lives by the soul. St. Thomas Aquinas states, "Now it belongs to Christ, not to justify all men, but to judge them: and therefore He raises up all as to their bodies, but not as to their souls." (Summa Theologica, Pt. III, Q. 56, Art. 2, reply to Obj. 2)

8. Cause of Evolution