Is the First Cause necessary?

When something happens we always ask what or who caused it. Our existence is dependent on innumerable causes stretching out to the beginning of the universe. So, what caused the universe?

Peter Creeft sums up the necessity of the First Cause. The universe is made up of dependent beings. They depend on their causes. If there is no First Cause or Independent Being everything would depend on nothing and we would not exist because being cannot come from nothing.

Some philosophers argue that the concept of "cause" can only be applied to the physical universe, but not to God. Strictly speaking this is true, but the concept is applied to God only analogically. We apply it to God only in a limited sense because God is infinitely more than the "Cause".

Is the First Cause personal or impersonal?

There is a relationship between cause and effect. "The effect of an event can't be greater than the cause." If this is so, an impersonal cause cannot produce a personal effect. An impersonal cause cannot produce rational thinking and consciousness. In other words, you and I would not be here asking questions if the the first cause is impersonal. So the First Cause of our being must be personal. ( Steve Bruecker, Part 19 Was the cause personal or impersonal)

Our dependence on the personal God is spelled out in Ps 22:10-11.

"You drew me forth from the womb,
made me safe at my mother’s breasts.
Upon you I was thrust from the womb;
since my mother bore me you are my God."


6. Christ, the Exemplar of Creation