a). TO GLORIFY GOD: At the birth of Christ we see a multitude of heavenly hosts praising God and singing: Glory to God in high heaven ..." (Mt. 1:13-14) The primary role of the Angels is to give praise and glory to God and to reflect his beauty by the splendor of their being. The Church joins the angels in their song of praise as she sings The Gloria... (click photo to hear music)


b). TO MINISTER TO CHRIST'S SAVING PLAN: From the beginning of creation the angels have been involved in GOD'S SAVING PLAN for mankind. Now they are Christ's angels because they were created through Him and for Him. In the funeral rite the Church prays: "May the angels lead you into paradise..."


There is no doubt that angels, in God's plan exercise power and guidance over mankind and are powers which can influence the physical world. See ref5.

Now my question is: Do the angels participate in God's governance of the cosmos, that is, stars, planets, galaxies, etc.? And if they do, how is their influence an integral part of the Laws of Nature?

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1275) wrote: "All corporeal things are ruled by the angels." He further states that an angel is where he is acting and that place does not contain an angel, rather, an angel contains place. ref6

But, how precisely do angels govern this vast evolutionary universe? Rupert Sheldrake, PH. D. a biologist has this to say: "Nature is organized by fields, and these fields are the realms of activity that bind and order the energy or power. If divine power flows through and into all things, if it is the energy of all things, and it is chanelled through the angels, then the fields that give this power its differentiated form are associated with consciousness and intelligence. The angels, as it were, are the consciousness of the fields, operating at all levels of nature." ref7

And now, how are we to conceive the angels in relation to the "laws of nature"? The laws of nature are conceived by some as eternal mathematical truths existing beyond time and place. Perhaps it would be better to think of them as descriptions or approximations of the way nature works, ref8 and if some of these "laws" are descriptions of the angels at work in the cosmic fields, they are expressions of angelic intelligence at work in the universe. This is not to say that they are not ultimately God's "laws" because he has created angels through whom they proceed.

Perhaps we can liken the contemplation of the angels of this vast universe of ours to the inner vision of Angela of Foligno (13th Century Fanciscan nun) who said:

The eyes of my soul were opened,

and I beheld the plenitude of God,

whereby I did comprehend the whole world,

both here and beyond the sea,

and the abyss and all things else;

and therein I beheld naught save

the divine Power

In a manner assuredly undescribable,

so that through excess of marveling

the soul cried our with a loud voice


"This world is full of God!" ref9