The Middle Ages covers a period of European history from the 5th-16th century. It is called the "Middle Ages" because it stands between the Greco-Roman classical period and our Modern Age of Science and Technology. Sometimes this period of history is referred to more appropriately as the "Age of Faith" because the hearts and minds of this period were focused on the mystery of Christ and eternal life as can be seen by the great Cathedrals they built. Our age instead is focused on the present world as evidenced by our skyscrapers, monuments to our greatness, our business know how and the technology we developed.

The Christian culture of Europe was brought about by the Apostles and their successors and by the grace of the living God. The Church had to bring about a conversion of Europe from paganism and transform the ferocity of the barbarians who had invaded and settled in the Roman Empire. Slowly, the hearts and minds of Europe were changed by the mystery of Christ and they gave expression to their faith in various ways some of which I will explain in the following pages.

We shall also not forget that the Roman Empire in the East continue after the fall of Rome as the Byzantine Empire and the influence it had on the religious culture of Europe.


2. The Medieval Knight

3. Mary and Courtly Love

4. Cathedral: Faith in Stone

5. Music in the Age of Faith

6. Stations of the Cross

7. Holy Images in the Age of Faith

8. Faith and Reason

9. Cosmology and Faith

10. The Spirit of St. Francis



2. The Medieval Knight